Blues Traveler in Arizona


the blog:

Hi All,
Long time no posts. I hope that anyone that has ever found anything interesting here finds their way back. For those coming to this fresh, I hope you enjoy. For everyone, I will do my best to keep up with the posts. I do have a few in mind that I am saving for the not to distant future. For now I hope you enjoy the photos I am posting of the Blues Traveler show the other night at Verrado in Buckeye, Arizona.

john_popper.jpgblues_traveler_ketboards.jpgcrowd and band

One last note about the band. I have met a number of bands so far and while I don’t have a bad word about any of them I must say that Blues Traveler are the nicest bunch of guys you could ever want to meet. I wont go into how I came by this opinion but please trust me when I say that John and his band are a credit to their profession.