Going home


the blog:

Hi All,
Sorry for no post last night but I didn’t get back from Camp Tintype until midnight. John is a wonderful teacher and a great host. The other students and John’s helpers were wonderful people and photographers as well. I hope to continue a relationship with all of them and I wish their careers well. As sad as I am to be leaving I am equally happy to return to my wife and two young daughters (it is fathers day). The examples I am posting here are a few of the early attempts in my wet plate journey. I LOVE this process. Although it is extremely unforgiving, it does have an almost unique ability to make some mistakes look beautiful (beauty being subjective of course). Everyone has their own idea of beauty and I happen to be one of those that find beauty in the flaws. There are many practitioners of the process that strive for the perfect plate. I can understand that. The beauty in the flaws are that it makes each image that much more unique. Each of the images I am displaying is graced with numerous flaws that those practice in this art will identify immediately but I feel they are wonderful images in their own right. They are also just a few of the images from the workshop. I hope you enjoy looking and maybe gain a new appreciation of the old ways if it didn’t exist before. As always all comments are appreciated.