Dance Floor | Reception Photography


the blog:

Keith and I don’t do a ton of posing on a couple’s wedding day. Yes of course the formal family photos are posed but beyond that, we are looking to document what is happening around us – with as little orchestration as possible. We are always available to take requests for posed photos, but the majority of what we are going to capture is going to be people doing what they do. When it comes to the reception, this is where the fun begins.

The dance floor (and it’s perimeter) is such a source of happiness during a wedding reception. Dancing and laughter are a contagious combination. What a great way to close out a wedding with this much animation. These certainly aren’t the serious, composed first dance photos with the couple together and with their respective parents. Rather, these are photos when the crowd literally let’s their hair down and starts having a great time!

The above photos are a compilation of weddings, different venues, different lighting situations, different crowds. For some photos we used off camera flash, some on camera and some no flash. That is exactly how we like to photograph a wedding reception. I just love the outcome!