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We hope we find ourselves in Boston soon (most likely this summer) but we can’t wait to see more of this awesome couple. This was the perfect destination wedding. It happened to be hovering below zero in Boston the weekend this couple were married here in gorgeous Phoenix. Do you think their guests (most of whom made the trip from back East) minded being in such an incredible weather?

But the weather was not our friend that August day when the couple was in from Boston working on their wedding plans. It was maybe 110 and hot hot hot. But believe me they braved it out and looking at their engagement session they look (as Stuart Scott said many times on ESPN) as cool as the other side of the pillow. You would never know how miserably hot this poor couple was. Fast forward to February and the weather was perfect. 

The day could not have gone any better. Rhonda and her crew from Impact Events had everything organized and going as planned. The bridal suite was a fun whirlwind of activity. Hair, Makeup, Dresses – an incredible room filled with creativity and gorgeousness. Oh how we love this part of a wedding day. We love the getting ready part of the day. The chaos, the emotion, so much going on, a feast for the senses. 

I have to mention that the couple brought their incredible dog in for the engagement session – I love this. A rescue dog that means the world to them.. Well it was only fitting that this special pup make an appearance at the wedding. Yes, she walked down the aisle with a custom leash – stealing the show if only for a minute. These heartfelt, personal touches are what makes a wedding so special. Their dog did not disappoint. 

My grandfather was my favorite person in the whole wide world. When I see that relationship with other folks, it just touches my heart more than you will ever know. The bride’s grandfather plays a very important role in her life, she adores him. I adore this story. The interactions – melt my heart. I think back to my grandfather and can easily relate to what an important relationship these two have. 

Oh there is so much more. So much sentiment and love. Two incredible families becoming one. Great friends surrounding them. The beginning of a lifetime together. Hearing all the stories, listening to the toasts, crying and laughing – isn’t that what it’s all about? This is why we do this crazy wedding stuff, no? To bring together the people nearest and dearest to you for a day of celebration. It is so much more than just the couple getting hitched, it is about all that brought them to this moment. These great people in the room with them – that created the path that led to this moment.

Thank you to an incredible couple, their families and friends and all the amazing vendors that make our job so easy!

Venue:: Royal Palms 

Wedding Planner:: Rhonda Rush, Impact Events

Florist:: The Flower Studio 

DJ:: Ray the DJ

Linens:  Southwick Linen


Officiant:: Mike Kennedy

Photographers:: Keith & Melissa Photographers