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Wow…this is why a couple really needs to do their homework before hiring their wedding photographer!  I saw this on Yahoo News – click below for a link to the video!!

Never mess with the bride and groom’s wedding pictures!

That’s the message one English couple is sending to their so-called photography service.

Marc and Sylvia Day are suing Gareth Bowers, of Fresh Images for botching up images of their big day. The couple says in addition to the shots being out of focus and heads being cut off there were other unforgivable mistakes.

The couple, who were married last August, say they found only twenty-two images in the more than four-hundred sent that were presentable.

At one point the cameraman even swears on tape after dropping the camera at the beginning of the church ceremony.

A judge has already sided with the couple requiring the photographer to pay up.

But the pair says the amount does not cover the emotional damage inflicted on them.

Don’t let this happen to you!  For more info on hiring a wedding photographer, please click here!