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Hi All,
How about these four little guys and girls for a bunch of fun. Pet photography is a lot of fun and an even greater challenge. I laugh when people tell me that photographing kids can be difficult. Try keeping up with a group of hyper, happy dogs of varying ages and energy levels. Each has his or her own personality and agenda. It helps to truly love animals (which of course I do). I grew up in the Bronx with a large variety of dogs, cats, and cute exotic animals as my mom couldn’t say no to a homeless or soon to be homeless animal. She found homes for most and of course kept those that she couldn’t. I never felt like an only child since there were always cute furry brothers and sisters around. With all that said, I am really happy to be offering portrait photography to those people (like me) who feel pets are not just pets but short, hairy kids. Enjoy the photos.




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