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Every once in awhile, I look at Martha Stewart’s Wedding Blog – as always, it is full of up to date info on wedding style and sources.  I came across a link to this wonderful blog called:  eco chic weddings … a very good resource for those that wish to “recycle, reuse, reduce” when planning their wedding (and in everyday life).  
I came across this one product recommendation that looks great for kids rooms (I want to order for my own little ones!):

martha stewart weddings: decoupage gift plates

I just looked through the current issue ofMartha Stewart Weddings, and there’s a fantastic decoupage idea in one of the featured weddings. What a wonderful idea for a table setting that can also be a gift for your guests.  Decoupage (from the verb decouper, “to cut out”) became all the rage in 17th c. France. Marie Antoinette is said to have been a fan of the technique…so let your guests eat cake and keep their plate 😉

Decoupage is a fairly easy, but if you do go with this idea I think that you should make chargers (so that the actual plate goes on top of the charger). In general, a charger is about 11.5 to 13″, but they can be larger if you so desire. You can find used charger plates online, or maybe someone in your family has a few they wouldn’t mind giving away.

Lovebirds_lg    Leaf_lg

Flora_lg     Yellowbird_lg

*These lovely decoupage pieces are by Lorena Siminovich of Petit Collage. Each print is available for $140, and would make a nice addition to your wedding registry.

For more ideas and techniques check out:  
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