Elopement at the Phoenix Courthouse

Elopement at the Phoenix Courthouse


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Getting married during COVID has taken on a whole new meaning.

This elopement at the Phoenix Courthouse (well really Maricopa County in downtown Phoenix) couldn’t have been more perfect.

This couple was supposed to be married on 11/6/20 in a gorgeous venue in the greater Phoenix area. While they probably still could have had their wedding during these crazy COVID times (with many fewer guests and not how they envisioned it). Our couple opted to postpone the party till 2021 and get married at courthouse in Phoenix.

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We weren’t allowed to take any photos while we waited. So once inside this door, there were no photos until we were in the courtroom with the judge to perform the ceremony. They really lucked out because the judge had a fun sense of humor and made the most out of their service.

Because of COVID rules, just a few people were allowed in. Both of their moms and us as photographers. Thrilled we were able to join them inside to photograph their wedding ceremony.

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Not what you envisioned when you were planning your wedding?

I know, I know. When you have an idea how your wedding should be or how you want it to be it can be hard to pull the trigger and change up how things will go. And for a lot of these “COVID couples” state and local ordinances helped them or rather forced them to change their plans. Maybe you didn’t have in mind an elopement at the Phoenix Courthouse. 😉

Each of our couples has approached the postponements and changes in a different way. For this couple, the elopement in downtown Phoenix allowed them to be married on the day that mattered to them.

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There is a great photo no matter where you are

A quick walk around the Downtown Phoenix area that surrounds the Courthouse and there are some great spots to grab some intimate photos of the two of them. A little spot with some desert plants, standing in the middle of the street, the Ice House makes a great backdrop and this abandoned warehouse had some great light. Just looking around within a block and we covered a lot in a short amount of time.

wedding photography phoenix
wedding photography phoenix

Whether you have an elopement or a more traditional wedding – the important thing is that you were married. And years down the road you have a pretty incredible story to tell your kids and grandkids. You were married in 2020 in spite of all the COVID setbacks.

Printing these photos and having them on hand to share with loved ones is a gift to yourself and the next generations.

Elopement at the Phoenix Courthouse: if you are looking for info on having a Courthouse Wedding here in Phoenix just click on the link.