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Since summer and thousand degree temperatures just do not seem to want to leave the Valley, we had to reschedule this absolutely understanding family from Saturday in the afternoon (yikes, it was like 108 at 3pm) to Sunday at 7am.  We are so glad they were so amenable to such an early start.  With the weather the way it has been, it is just about the only civilized time to even contemplate family portraits.
Things could not have worked out better!  Some families are just so much fun – and this was one family that personified that description. Easy going, jovial, up for anything, you name the superlative and it fit. Add to the mix that Keith and the dad pretty much had a ton in common – they served in the Navy pretty much at the same time in the same place – aaahh the good old days!

A family portrait session that easily reminds Keith why he has the best job in the whole world!

boy with hat in black and white

parents at the hole in the rock

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