Husband + Wife Storytellers

Hi All,
Funny how things happen. In the course of reading to my daughters before bed I read Alice in Wonderland. It had been roughly forever since I last heard the story and I didn’t really think I would hear (or see) it again for a while. Imagine my surprise when I get to the Silverleaf Country Club and see that it has been transformed into Wonderland. All the characters were there. Sharon Martin, the Director of Catering, not only was responsible for the incredible transformation but she was also the Queen of Hearts. It was a blast. Not to be lost in this tale, the two lovely young ladies for whom the bash was thrown appeared to have an excellent time as did their friends.

Enjoy a few photos from down the rabbit hole and feed some verbal love into the comments sections.



P.S. I am now looking forward to seeing the Tim Burton version. I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.


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This looks SO fun! The Tim Burton version is great and definately worth seeing. It’s safe to say however, the adults that watched with me liked it better than the kiddos did. 🙂

Hi Christy, Thanks. I was a lot of fun. As for the movie, I thought of taking the kids but I heard it might not be appropriate for their ages. I will see it though at some point.

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