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As a family photographer in Phoenix, we are part of many, many milestones.

Turning 13, becoming a teen is certainly one of them.

And preparing for your Bat Mitzvah as you become a teen is a right of passage that needs to be documented. 🤩

We have a long history with this very special family.

Our daughters are born one day apart in the same year. But that is just the beginning.

I will not bore you with too much info. But, through circumstance our paths have crossed (ALOT) both professionally and personally over the last 13+ years.

This young woman, oh so recently a teen, has had numerous family portrait sessions with us. So she has become somewhat familiar with Keith and I over the years.

Can’t even explain how incredible it is to see a child grow. We are afforded the opportunity to bear witness through our camera to the life moments that define childhood. Insert huge smiles, since this is one of the best parts of our job!!! 💗

From the toddler years, through pre school till now, we revel in seeing her grow into this young woman.

We are delighted to be part of her childhood trajectory.

Grateful that her parents trust us to document these incredibly special family photos that will be part of their history forever.

Ughhhh we are blown away by all of this.

Being a family photographer allows us a lens that few others have.

Through our camera we look, we see, we discover who these children, adults, people are in front of us.

These photos are an interpretation of their personalities, a witness to their growth and maturity, an observation of their subtleties and traits.

The honor (I probably overuse this word but I feel that as a family photographer these words might not even be powerful enough) to photograph and share these images to remind us who are children are. Who they were. And who they become.

Family photography.

Two simple words.

But as we celebrate this girl turning 13 I find it easy to remind ourselves how fleeting childhood is. And why it is important to document it.

For the last 15+ years we have been family photographers in Phoenix. We are so grateful for the trust to record these moments so that parents and the next generations can return to where they were. Their evolution to adulthood.

Cheers to becoming a teen!

Highlights from her Bat Mitzvah at the Camby Hotel, Phoenix

and a reminder, you only have 18 summers with your kids! Enjoy everyone of them!