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Why hire a maternity photographer?


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I believe you should hire a maternity photographer because these images will represent the milestone of having your first (2nd, 3rd) child.

Having professional pregnancy photos taken will become one of those milestone markers in your life.

A set of timeless, elegant portraits of you being gorgeously pregnant.

This set of photos will have stories attached to it that you will share with your child as they grow.

How can that bump that keeps growing become a newborn, a toddler, a teen? How does that bump become as tall as you one day, independent and thoughtful?

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, everything was a new experience.

Listening to the heartbeat for the first time, the first ultrasound, the first kick, buying maternity clothes, many many trips to the obstetrician. I watched every birth story I could find.

And then when I was looking obviously pregnant it occurred to me that it would be incredibly special to document this time in my life. In our lives.

I was having a baby.

Sixteen years ago when I was awaiting the birth of Isabella. Maternity or pregnancy photos in New York City were not nearly as popular as they are now.

I happen to have my own maternity photographer on staff, Keith. 😂 He documented the growth of my belly over the 9+ months.

But when it came to having photos done of the two of us together, we asked our wedding photographer.

We wanted to include our home – as a backdrop – so that we could give the photo session a sense of place; where we lived during these pregnancy photos, where baby Isabella lived when she was born.

Now, maternity / pregnancy photo shoots have become so much more sophisticated and tailored to the client’s wishes.

Our approach to maternity photography is editorial and timeless. Our signature look uses beautiful lighting, a bit of a fashion aesthetic, a creative collaboration that will give you this memorable experience.

Striking images to remind you of this special time.

Some of the most special photos in my life are the birth photos, the miracle of my girls being born.

Take a look at this gorgeous session