This is hands down one of my favorite personal photos

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I’m sure you will not be shocked when you hear that we take A LOT of photos of our kids. Well the truth is that Keith takes a lot of photos of our kids. But either way, we have sooooo many incredible photos – yet even though there are endless ones to select from, I can easily tell you which ones are my personal favorites over the years.

This photos is one of them. This is Gabby when she was about 5, taken about 8 years ago.  It isn’t posed or planned out it is just simply her. She is wearing a handmade mask from school, her big blue eyes are staring right through Keith, she has her serious face on and I just love absolutely everything about this photo. This is my kid. This is a photo I look back on now and will 20 years from now and remember exactly who she was at this moment.

I will remember that this was her dinosaur phase. She would line up the dozens and dozens of dinosaurs like a parade through the house. She only wore dresses. She loved to color, draw, paint and do anything creative. She loves masks (and still does). She loved to read and write stories. Puzzles were her thing. Now like then, she has a huge heart for animals and tons of compassion for everyone and everything.

This is my little one. A snapshot from her childhood.