Motion Blur, yes this is done on purpose!


the blog:

There is one photo at each wedding that really sums up our style and sticks with me. This may not be the couple’s favorite photo of the day (or maybe it is) but it is the favorite of both Keith and I. 

We include a little motion blur throughout the day for all sorts of reasons.  Occasionally a little blur, camera shake or something out of focus is accidental and we keep it because we just love the photo regardless if a rule was broken but primarily this effect is done on purpose because we like to show movement, fluidity and like to add some extra life to a particular scene. It is a style choice and one that we love. Keith’s use of B&W film + rangefinder camera worked perfectly together to capture this moment.

This photo has an abstract feel to it. The couple is moving through the lobby, heading to their grand entrance, it feels intimate, a little dreamy, maybe a little hurried and I just love everything about it. 

A little piece of art. 

venue:: Hyatt Gainey Ranch, Scottsdale planner:: Some Like it Classic