….Life and Travel leave marks on you….

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“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world, you change things slightly; you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life–and travel–leaves marks on you.”  Anthony Bourdain

Our month long adventure began right as Anthony Bourdain’s life unfortunately came to an end. The inheritance for us viewers is all that he left behind. Watch one of his shows about a place you are heading to visit (which should practically be required research) to learn a little more about the culture, hear his take, explore the crazy and not so crazy food that he would try and of course learn a little bit about the lifestyle of the destination. 

Bourdain was just so good at showing the viewer how food gives an insight into culture.  As you travel around our country or the world you learn so much from the way people eat, their recipes, their traditions. 

This was our first trip to Greece but it was easy to see that the table is where people came together. We hear a lot about the Mediterranean diet but the Mediterranean lifestyle is where it’s at!  Embrace life to the fullest, enjoy time with friends and family – a balanced life where people seem to be working to live more than living to work. 

Food is the social center of people’s lives. Our meals were long and leisurely, never rushed by a waiter or someone trying to turn a table to get you in and out as fast as possible. We’ve all been in a busy restaurant and the waiter takes everything off the table including your water glass as a hint that its time to go. Not here, never a rush to order, never a rush to leave, plates some as they are ready, maybe an extra glass of wine, maybe dessert. Time to talk, tell stories, laugh.

It was refreshing to enjoy after dinner discussions, actually have some family time without a device in everyone’s hand (not an easy feat!), enjoy some music, take life a little bit slower.

Enjoying food together is one experience I’m more than happy to take home with me as a cultural souvenir.