A Random Travel Photo

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The good and bad of having so many personal photos is that you sometime overlook a photo that you should have looked a little closer at. This photo is from a trip to Paris when the kids were maybe 6 and 9. Keith was using a film camera (a Zeiss rangefinder I believe) and we had so many rolls of film developed while we were in Paris and I guess I never looked through them all.

The negatives are scanned and in our computer and I just happen to come across them while I was looking for something else. I finally looked a little closer at this photo and noticed that it is a photo of us having dinner. It’s subtle but I find it beautiful. I can see our 3 profiles, Isabella and Gabby looking so sweet, so much younger then they are now.

I don’t even remember Keith taking this photo. But it is another reminder how lucky I am as a mother that I have all of these beautiful candid moments to look back on. A random travel photo that can mean so much.