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Welcome to the very first post from Keith Pitts Photography. I am the Keith in Keith Pitts photography and I will be your blogging captain for the remainder of this (and probably all) post. I hope that you have visited my photography websites kpkids and Keith Pitts Photography. They are related to kids and weddings respectivly.
I will add some background about me to start this. Ahem…. I am a managing partner in Keith Pitts Photography, LLC and principal photographer. I LOVE what I do and have been doing it professionally since about 1993 or so. I followed the usual route of having a major in college that had nothing whatsoever to do with my current profession. I wanted to be a doctor. I filled a couple of elective credits with photography courses. It turns out that I happen to be really good at it and voila’, a photographer is born. I started as a photo assistant in the Bronx at “Joseph’s Studio of Photography”. It was a high volume wedding and portrait shop. From there I went on my own and tended bar so that I wouldn’t starve. Next step was to photo school to hone my craft. I attended Hallmark Institute of Photography. There I honed the skills I possesed and learned others that I didn’t realize I didn’t have. I graduated with the “Mamiya award of excellence” which is presented to the student with the best portfolio. Mamiya is a large and very well respected camera manufacturer. I must credit them for their honesty and integrity for awarding me since I used a Hasselblad to shoot all of the images in that portfolio. After graduating I went on to assist a long list of very distinguished commercial photographers.

To be continued….