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tempejuly4th_10With July 4th around the corner, now is the time to brush up on your Firework picture taking skills! Using a digital camera to take pictures of fireworks can be tricky – but with a couple pointers, it can become a bit easier.

LOCATION, location, location! carefully choose where you position yourself. Make sure you have an unobstructed view, try not to be in the middle of the crowd (not so easy at most celebrations!).

Avoid ambient lighting. For example, try not to be standing under a street light, avoid any other forms of artificial light.

Use a tripod if you can! If not, try and brace your camera against something to keep it steady. Exposures this long are almost impossible to shoot without stability!

Use the manual control if you can – vary your exposure settings.

Turn the flash off.

Shoot when the fireworks launch – to get the best chance of capturing the burst or the full flower effect with stalk and all. (as shown above)

Remember, the best fireworks are at the end – plan accordingly, extra batteries!

Take lots of pictures! A certain amount of luck is involved!

photo credit: tempe july 4th website