Husband + Wife Storytellers

Hi All,

Here is a couple after my own heart. She works in the renewable energy sector and has a past that includes activism. He works for a company that deals with the nourishment of children in need. They are both really good looking, intelligent and easy to talk to. You would think I made them up just to tell people that I actually know them. They are all too real though and I do know them. I owe that last part to a happy client of mine ( I love happy clients ).

Please look past my crush on these two at some photos from their affair and enjoy.




Hi you two. It was a pleasure. It is what I love doing and I love doing it even more when I am working with people as cool as the two of you.

Keith…what can we say. THANK YOU! We can not begin to express our gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done. You were able to artistically capture the first day of our lifetime together, and these are moments we will now have for a lifetime of this very special day! Your compassion and excitement about photography is demonstrated through your ability to make beautiful sense of a chaotic world… Thanks again, Scot & Maura

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