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Who influenced your life?


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Pep would have turned 100 today.

I’m super emotional as I reflect back on the type of man he was.

In fact he has been a guiding light for me my entire life. Always honest, he called it like he saw it, always respectful, always positive and always my biggest supporter.

He and Nana were the rock in my childhood, always there for me, always encouraging, always loving me so so much. Their home was a sanctuary filled with love.

I am forever grateful to have had him in my life for so long.

He died a few weeks before I met Keith almost 20 years ago and I oddly feel like he was somehow behind us meeting each other even though they never met.

It was devastating when he died but I came to realize that he lives within me, his kindness, his sense of humor, his hard work, his dedication to family.

He was a character and I miss him and love him more than ever. ❤️


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