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Hi All,
It is obvious that I have not been posting every day as was my hope starting the year. It may have outlasted most of my other new years resolutions over the years. I would like to assure you that the time not posting has not been in vain. We here at Keith Pitts Photography have been busy with a few time (and money) consuming things that will hopefully excite our clients as much as it is exciting us. These include:

1. A whole new corporate identity package. From the logo down to the new packaging.

2. A new office/gallery complete with interior design that is not inspired in any way by the southwest themes that are all around Scottsdale (not that there is anything wrong with the southwest mind you).

3. Our first ever (but definitely not last) seminar for the photographically challenged. It was an intimate affair at Tastings Wine bar and Bistro. The topic was “How to photograph your children better with the camera you already own”. My fear of public speaking got squashed as I had a wonderful time sharing some basic tips that can be applied to just about any camera and subject (portrait).

That’s it for this installment. No photos, just well wishes and news flashes. Farewell until I write again.