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Keith regularly gives seminars on taking better pictures of children and we are always asked about  whether or not Keith offers private instruction – well yes we do!  

Keith Pitts Photography offers group and private photography classes and workshops that are tailored to your needs!  From beginner to professional, Keith has experience with photographers at all skill levels.

Keith is able to teach from both sides of the camera – if you are looking for technical (film or digital) instruction or a lesson in vision and composition techniques for creating amazing images or a combination of both, we can help you achieve an excellent understanding of photography!

Learn how to get the most from your camera (and take pictures you are happy with):  many people purchase a new digital camera but never learn how to use its most basic features.  If you  have a new digital (or film) camera, or are considering buying one and want to understand photography and your camera – we can tailor a lesson to suit your needs.

We can cover fundamental topics such as:  camera terminology, controls & menus, shooting modes, ISO, aperture, reading histograms, white balance, depth of field, use of light, compositional techniques, perspective, color management, preparing files, photoshop, caring for your camera, the list goes on and on!

We customize the content of the instruction based on your needs and wants!  Keith will provide hands on instruction in the studio as well as on location to improve your photographic vision and technique.  He will provide instant feedback – which is invaluable in accelerating the learning process!  

in studio – per hour $75, minimum 2 hours

location of your choosing – per hour $100, minimum 2 hours

group rates also available

for more information, please call our studio at (480) 947-0460