Real Moment | Wedding Photography


the blog:

I was finalizing this bride’s wedding album design and this picture just grabbed me. There are a group of photos of the bride dancing with her mom and this was the last shot in the series. This says it all. How much they mean to each other. 

Sadly, the bride’s dad died years ago but his importance to the bride and her mom was certainly not lost on her wedding day. The locket on her bouquet held his photo. The speeches from her two bridesmaids made reference to it. The real emotion and connection between these two was evident all day long. The day concluded with this incredible moment.

To us, this is what wedding photography is all about. Yes we enjoy taking beautiful photos of wedding bouquets, event details and everything else in between. But what really speaks to us are these candid, emotional moments that happen throughout a wedding day. These photos aren’t on anyone’s shot list but they are the photos that are soulful and real.

Timeless moments that remind the couple of the love that surrounded them on their wedding day.