Prague: My new favorite city | Travel

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Why are some cities so incredibly romantic? Prague is my new favorite city. Full of elegant architecture, breathtaking panoramic vistas, rich in culture and conveniently in the center of Europe. Untouched by WWII, Prague is as it was. Just gorgeous.

The scenic setting on the Vltava River + the old world charm make Prague the perfect backdrop for a wedding, a vow renewal or a honeymoon. Or in our case a trip with your kids and mother in law. 

This town is just plain romantic.  Walking around the windy cobblestone streets, scenery as far as the eye can see – I couldn’t help but compare Prague to Paris. Paris is Paris for sure. But honestly Prague gives the City of Light a run for its money. (and you need a lot less money to enjoy Prague!) 

I saw in 72 hours more weddings taking place than anywhere I have ever been (except maybe Las Vegas on a busy weekend). Gorgeous wedding dresses, handsome couples, elegant and lovely. One of the most romantic cities in the world is also one of the most photogenic. That recipe = the perfect spot for a destination wedding. 

We were in the Old Town Square and this couple was walking into City Hall and I just snapped this quick photo – they looked so focused and so ready.

Looking forward to our next trip to the Golden City – vow renewal maybe??? Whatever the reason to visit Prague, the charm and beauty is not to be missed.