Hi All,Here are a few from a senior shoot I did the other day. I love dirty things. Not the kind that are really clean and have dirt and texture added in photoshop later, I mean the real thing. It is complimentary to beauty. The lack of context makes you look that much harder at the subject. With this in mind I ask you to enjoy the photos.


P.S. If you know any seniors that would like this then don’t keep it to yourself.



My granddaughter is one great subject for a great photographer. She should be a model.

I love those pictures- she is so cute and innocent looking!

Onica's biggest (okay, second biggest) fan....Jen

One word…..BEAUTIFUL!!!! Not only is SHE truly beautiful, but the scene says so much. I can’t say ‘unbelievable’ to you Keith, because it IS believable….you’re the best and it shows. Great work. Jen

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