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“In this instant of danger they realized they were each other’s reason for living, and into this instant they threw their whole being.” ― Anaïs Nin

A couple’s session should involve things you love to do as a couple

Getting together at your local hot dog restaurant walking distance from home. The perfect place to start an engagement session.

A trip to their favorite coffee shop, a walk around the ASU area in Tempe had history for this couple. A courtyard, a walk over the bridge, and of course one of our favorite spots, the parking garage.

There are so many reasons why having an engagement session (a pre wedding photo shoot) is so important.

Quite honestly having a documentary style couple session is a time capsule. A moment in your history together.

Ted’s Hot Dogs is the perfect backdrop – a couple of burgers, fries + milkshakes, bright red signage – and a little meaning really make this a great ice breaker for the first stop for this session.

These two chose to have a few of their favorite places that they spend time together as a couple. Fast forward 10 or 20 years and they are going to flash back to having a hot dog together steps from their home, grabbing a coffee together or walking the streets of Tempe together.

(parking garages are some of our favorite spots for photos. they offer great light, leading lines and wide open spaces)

Remember beautiful photos are anywhere and everywhere. Having a set of photos together as a couple that bring you back to a time in your life is special.

A documentary style couple’s session will do just that.

Restaurant: Ted’s Hot Dogs

Coffee Shop:: Infusion Coffee + Tea, Tempe