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“Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful.” ― George Bernard Shaw

We are in week two of our coronavirus shelter in place. No school. No work.

We have left home except for the random trip to the grocery store, walk with the dogs or exercise in the local park.

The kids have barely left at all except for Isabella’s afternoon driving with either Keith or I. She received her permit the day before we went on lock down. Perfect timing. Plenty of time to practice.

Gabby has come for two rides in the car with me.

Drive by pick ups: dog food and books the kids selected. Phoenix owned small businesses struggling. Doing the tiniest little bit we can to try and support the local economy.

Life is certainly not like it usually is.

But we are embracing this.

Not because we don’t empathize with the rest of the world and potentially what we are going to face here in Arizona in the next few weeks.

But because this uninterrupted time with our children is unprecedented. We have nowhere to be.

Except to be here with them. Intentional and present.

It is because of this presence that we can be more creative and focused. Challenge ourselves to become better. Develop new skills and work on ones that we have put on the shelf for way too long.

A time of growth and personal challenge. And we are lucky enough to do this together as a family.

Life is delightful.


**These 3 photos are from Keith’s personal challenge during this home stay: photographing our girls every. single. day.

This task will require him to rethink all sorts of things from gear, lighting, exposure + composition to come up with something new every day. Challenging himself to take an interesting photograph at our home with the same subjects each and every day.

How are you going to challenge yourself?

TIP: Challenge yourself to put together a family photo wall, like this

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