The Barrett-Jackson collector car auction


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Hi All,
First let me apologize for no video (it is on our new schedule) technical difficulties and such. In it’s place I will share some photos of the Barrett-Jackson auto auction from today.

I like cars like the next guy but MAN there were a lot to look at. Visual overload featuring cars I have drooled over and others I just wanted, from my youth. Interesting that even in a down economy boys will still find a way to get their toys. 

I got to witness the auction part from the bidders section as I was the lucky recipient of a Platinum VIP pass. Cool. I like platinum (hell… my wedding ring is platinum) and anyone wanting to call me a VIP is OK in my book too. It is always amazes me when I listen to a professional auctioneer. I have no idea what is being said between the numbers. I wonder often if they know either. They get their money though.

I am getting too rambley so I will get on with the photographs. Enjoy.




Barrett-Jackson auction

cool two seater car (looking at the passenger side)

A row of run of the mill dream cars

looks like a jet intake doesn't it?

cars that are older (and cooler) than me

Notice the Dupont 24 Chevy in the back

Still one of the prettiest cars made.