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Use the viewfinder...

This tip is for those people using point and shoot digital cameras that still have the little viewfinder. USE IT. At least sometimes. I can’t count the number of times that I have seen people holding their camera at arms length in the bright sun and complain that they can not see the screen and therefore can not take a picture. If they put the camera to their eye then this problem would instantly go away. The second good reason to look through the viewfinder is… When your tracking a moving subject it is difficult to follow when the screen blacks out while your subject is still moving. The child may have changed direction for all you know. If you are looking through the viewfinder then you can follow along until the exposure is done. This is called panning. It is a great technique to give a sense of movement in a still photograph. If you have a camera that has no viewfinder (as my wife does) then this only applies to the next camera that you buy.

Hopefully this helps someone. Seeing how many people I see daily using their cameras as I mentioned above, I believe this will.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for reading. I plan on adding many more tips over time. One a week is the goal in the beginning. Hopefully you will find some interest here and check back regularly. I agree with you about the blog theme. it gives a person a chance to really see the photos compared to so many others.  

Just found your blog, good points here, the viewfinder (except in DSLR’s) seems to be going the way of film and disappearing but it is certainly a useful tool.  Love the images you have posted here, just started using this same theme myself over the weekend, I love being able to post images that can actually be seen on a web page.  Looks good.