Wedding at The Camby, Phoenix, Arizona


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I get so excited when it is time to share wedding photos with a couple.

While our lovely couples have to wait about three weeks for us to deliver their wedding gallery, I can’t let the time go without a tiny little sneak peek. For each and every wedding I remember back to how excited I was to get ahold of my photos….just seeing one could hold me over till I could see them all.

{The above sneak peek was from a March wedding at the Camby Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. We have had such a spell of awful weather this spring (so rare for this part of the world). All week there was iffy weather, but Saturday was actually perfect, the weather refreshing and fortunately, this wedding day went off without a hitch. Considering they were having an outdoor ceremony and outdoor cocktail hour and reception – it was a welcome sunny day.}

The Camby is a very special hotel right in the center of the busy Biltmore corridor. Walking through the lobby you can’t help but being distracted by all the fun artwork that adorns the walls, ceilings and nooks and crannies.

I love love love that the bride contacted us to photograph her wedding and she specifically wanted her wedding photographs to emphasize the playful art and urban decor of the hotel.

YES! A unique approach to wedding photography. She has a design background and stressed wanting indoor lowlight photos, elegant, sophisticated and using the features of the hotel as the backdrop. This approach for her wedding photography certainly spoke to us.

That is what we love most about weddings. They are alike in the sense that a couple will get married. But a wedding day can differ in so many ways. Making a wedding uniquely your own, putting your own personal stamp on it, that is so refreshing.

Not getting caught up in what everyone else is doing is what makes our couples so individual. Independence, imagination and complete trust – the recipe for your wedding photos to be exclusively yours.

This is only one photo – and I can not wait to share the rest. They are going to LOVE them!

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