What to do with your pre wedding / engagement photos?

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You have taken your engagement photos, now what?

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  • couple kissing in the woods at the grand canyon
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You’ve picked your spot, you’ve taken your engagement photos, now what?

Some couples have an idea about what to do with these photographs ahead of the session, others have the photo shoot because it is just another box to check off of things to do before their wedding day and others don’t have any plan for the photos.

There are a couple reasons why these photos are a really good idea – to get to know each other (wedding photographers and the happy couple interacting before the big day) and because you are in love and want to document this special time before your wedding.

IMHP, these couple photographs don’t often get used to their full advantage. They just end up on a usb drive or sitting in a gallery, don’t always get printed and not often enough is something done with them.

One of the best uses and one that will allow a couple to view their photos without opening up a laptop or looking at their phone, is to either print a few or make an album. Imagine one of these gorgeous landscapes with the couple printed huge hanging on their wall. It is a piece of art. Or having an album made so that you can view all of your favorites at any time.

The couple featured above was very pleased with their session, after all they are an adventurous desert-loving couple that had all sorts of gorgeous Arizona scenery to choose from and made a great choice by selecting the epic scenery of the Grand Canyon!

I am so pleased that they chose to have a lovely sign in book made with these photos. They will be using this on Saturday for their guests to write messages – prompted with some fun questions.

The album came out gorgeous and it will be an instant heirloom for the two of them to peruse that night when all the festivities of the day are over!

Location:: Grand Canyon National Park, East Entrance

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