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We are doing our best to travel the world, based in Montpellier, France.

You only have 18 summers with your children before they leave you!


That says it all for how I’m feeling right now. My kids are growing up so fast and it is making me realize more and more how fleeting our time is together before they head off to college. Eighteen summers with each. Oh my. But this forced time together ok, call it travel habit that […]

What have Keith and I been up to?


Welcome! I haven’t put up a post in awhile. A lot has happened since. Keith, myself, our 2 teenage girls and our 4 rescue pups moved to the South of France. The first year we spent half the year in Phoenix photographing incredible weddings and amazing family portraits. Now we continue the transition to France […]

The Traveling Selfie


Keith and I have been traveling together for nearly 20 years. We had cell phones back in those days, I had a Nextel (Motorola, two way radio that made my head explode as the voice of my boss could come out of nowhere at any time regardless of where I was, what time of day […]

As another summer draws to a close, I remind myself that taking time off is good.


I can’t help but think about why travel is so important to us both professionally and personally. School is about to start so for those of us in the Phoenix area with school age kids. For all intents and purposes, summer is coming to a close. Not the summer temperatures of course. But our summer […]

Photographing People when you Travel


Sorting through my emails this morning and a message from Afar magazine caught my eye: How to Photograph People When You Travel (Without Being Disrespectful) Keith and I have had this discussion numerous times, especially when we are traveling, taking to the streets to photograph or doing any personal work. Without even reading this article […]

The Tailgate Experience, French Style


Allez les Bleus! Who could have imagined when we booked our week in Paris that it would end up being such an historic weekend? France was in the World Cup final and we were in Paris.  This photo above encapsulates French culture so perfectly. The cafe has been a gathering place for practically ever – […]

How do you pronounce GYRO?


Who knew Gyro was pronounced somewhere in between Zero and Hero? Finding ourselves starving after checking into our hotel, we ran through the rain, looking for a restaurant. We stumbled upon Alexander the Great.  We should have known we were in for a dining treat when we were greeted by a sign at the door that […]

Visiting Costa Rica


Can Costa Rica be all things to all people? (from a vacation perspective!) After spending 3 weeks there this past month we think this Central American nation is one of the more versatile locations we have traveled to, something for everyone. Each year when we decide on a family vacation, we poll the family, get […]

lembongan bali

Our Purpose


Mostly inspired by our mothers, the idea of of giving back was deeply planted in our childhood. Cultivated by our own personal experiences, connecting with our community and aligning our talents with ways to help others is at the core of who we are. It is important to us to volunteer our cameras + time […]

LA street photography

Roadtrip to LA


What do photographers do when they have a weekend when they aren’t working? Jump in the car, head to Los Angeles and walk around with cameras in hand (or over the shoulder). Street photography in LA, definitely interesting in a way that Phoenix isn’t. Walk out of your hotel at 11pm and a few steps […]