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{This photo says so much and could not define our style and approach to wedding photography any better.}

 A wedding day emotional moment between a bride and her mom A wedding day emotional moment between a bride and her mom

We have couples tell us that they weren’t sure what search term to use to find the photography that they were looking for. Was it documentary, editorial, real, candid, emotional?

What are the right words to figure out what style of wedding photography is right for you?

Well we have soul searched over the years to try and figure out exactly what describes our style and we honestly think our approach is empathetic in nature but photo journalistic, documentary and candid in style.

And quite honestly I think the photographs do a better job of explaining our style then our words can.

This photograph pops into my mind when I think of our style and approach. The photo above will be 15 years old in August yet to me it has a strength that never grows old. This photo helps me understand what I mean when I describe our style as empathetic.

Our approach is wide open on a wedding day. We are there to observe, understand and anticipate. Through experience we know that there is a checklist of what to do on a wedding day from bridal party formals, family photos, the details, the scene setting photos, couples photos, cake cutting, first dances, the beginning middle and end of a wedding day.

But what are those moments that we can’t take for granted?

This is at the heart of why we continue to love being wedding photographers. It is the micro scenes on a wedding day within the macro that we look for. A real connection, a moment, an interaction. Something that means something to you and will forever mean something to you know matter how many years pass.

The bride’s dad had recently died, she and her mother were having a moment before the ceremony, a moment to reflect on what was in their hearts yet heartbreakingly missing from this day, the rose in the mom’s arms represented her dad and as the mom prepared to walk her down the aisle, this moment happened.

I’m brought to tears now thinking of the importance this moment was for her and her mother.

To me it is a whole story in one beautiful photograph. Love. Love. Love.

That’s all I see when I look at this photo all these years later. I can envision myself in this position and how overcome with emotion I would be. How I would give anything in the world to have Keith with me, by my side as our daughter entered this next chapter in her life on her wedding day.

From the daughter’s perspective I can imagine how her whole life she wanted her dad with her on this day, how much she misses him and how much she knows her mom misses him. It is a bittersweet moment. This is a private moment but one of those interactions that has so much emotion, such impact that being an observer allows us to capture.

This is an example of one of those handful of photographs from your wedding day that will remain in your heart forever.

location:: Westchester, New York

How do we describe our photography style?

What are we looking for on your wedding day? Real emotional moments.

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