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Wedding planning tips from wedding photographers around the world

The idea of planning a wedding sounds fun and exciting at first. It’s your big day, a fairytale to welcome the next chapter of your life. The adventures you’ll experience as a married couple and the victories you’ll achieve together await you. The idea of researching and preparing for the best day of your life feels full of possibility. But then comes the daunting part of wedding planning; what to wear, who to invite, where to celebrate your ceremony, and a whole lot more. Don’t let the nitty-gritty of it all outweigh the fun part of planning. Enjoy the process. You deserve to look back on planning your wedding day with fondness. To help you enjoy your wedding preparations, we asked 85 wedding photographers their top tips to achieve a perfect wedding day. This collection of ideas ranges from tricks to choosing the best photographers to secrets on how to make your wedding

The above caption is from an article by MILK Handcrafted Photo Books that featured 85 photographers and their tips on wedding photography.

We were featured at #69 with something we always tell our potential couples: Make sure you like a photographer’s full body of work on a wedding day, not just the Instagram highlights.

After all, a social media feed may attract you to the photographer in the first place but make sure they are well rounded in the ways that are important to you.

A wedding is made up of more than one posed gorgeous photo, so ask to see a full wedding gallery. Their work should speak to you all the way through. We use a documentary approach to a wedding to tell the full story of their love. This way, the couple can be brought right back to these photos 20 years later and remember the emotion of everything that was happening all around them. Great wedding photos should tell your love story.

Make sure you check out this article because it makes you think about what is really important.

Here are a few that I would really like to emphasize:

6. Go for photography that is more than weddings.

19. Create a celebration that is reflective of you and your partner as a couple.

39. Hire a wedding planner.

52. Enjoy the day as much as you can.

60. Consider a first look on your wedding day.

67. Hire the best photographer you can.

We love when we see a scene setting up that is multi layered. The featured photos has a bride looking at herself in the mirror, with a bunch going on around her. You can see her beautiful reflection in the mirror as well as the interactions with her bridesmaids. This makes for a more interesting photo.

Take a look at our MOMENTS gallery to see a little bit more of how we see

These wedding planning tips are super helpful in figuring out what is important to you on your wedding day.