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What do photographers do when they are stuck at home?

Photograph all sorts of interesting things. Why not food photography?

Since we generally have a full calendar photographing people, we don’t have a ton of extra time to work on other areas that challenge and interest us. Food photography is one of those things.

There is something so beautiful about food photography. So moody. or so light and airy. Just so pretty.

Take one look at Skye McAlpine’s dreamy feed on Instagram and who wouldn’t want to pick up a camera and take better food photographs?

Since we are home bound like the rest of the world, we have decided a few things:

1. We don’t have to say to the kids that we don’t have time for something. We have time for everything. 🙂

We are taking long walks with our 2 girls + our 4 dogs. Teaching our daughter how to make the best use of her driver’s permit with daily drives around the neighborhood. Laughter while playing board games. Teaching my youngest how to use a sewing machine. Marie Kondo-ing closets. Baking from scratch.

2. Photography challenges. Working on our strengths and weaknesses. Learning new skills.

A few posts ago I mentioned that Keith was asked by my daughter to take daily photos of her. Well that has now launched a Youtube channel where he is explaining to fellow photographers how he took a certain photo. What his lighting set up was, what technique he used, etc for the photographs.

But on a lighter note we have been admiring food photography for ever and ever. We consider ourselves pretty good detail photographers at weddings. We love details and take lots of them. But that is not the same as the detail that goes into being a food photographer.

(a few years back we were honored to photograph the Roca Brothers on their culinary trip to the US. A multi day event at the Four Seasons Scottsdale. Their dishes were stunning. And it intrigued us to want to do more. But alas, we did not have the time to dedicate to taking more food photographs, just when the opportunity allows)

But why not combine the following: we have time for all sorts of things we never do including cooking from scratch + exploring new photography ideas.

So why not document my attempt at Making Pizza on the Grill?

  • homemade pizza on the grill
  • grilled pizza
  • Pizza on the grill
  • Mushroom Pesto Pizza
  • Pizza on the grill

Photographing the steps from a recent backyard BBQ certainly doesn’t rival the gorgeous photos in Bon Appétit or any of the gorgeous Instagram feeds that I follow.

But it is a great first attempt. At two things: creating a delicious dinner from scratch with the family and having photographic evidence to prove it.