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A Random Travel Photo September 27, 2018 / children The good and bad of having so many personal photos is that you sometime overlook a photo that you should have looked a little closer at. This photo is from a trip to Paris when the kids were may... READ MORE Snapshots September 24, 2018 / personal I treasure this snapshot that I took as we were about to exit a Metro North train leaving NYC this summer. My oldest is currently 14 and doesn’t always smile like she used to. Perhaps she is acti... READ MORE Surprise Marriage Proposal – always romantic! September 13, 2018 / Uncategorized A surprise wedding proposal can be one of the most romantic gestures we get to see first hand. Capturing the absolute shock and real... READ MORE 17 years later September 12, 2018 / personal Today can seem like any other but if I think about it for a minute and remember what happened 17 years ago it seems like yesterday. We were there that day. Some of our closest friends overlooked ... READ MORE We adore a Multi Layered photo September 7, 2018 / General Bear with me, another post about a photo of a bride getting ready on her wedding day. Back to why we love starting here. Why these are some of the best photos of the day. There is almost always s... READ MORE A printed photograph is an asset. September 7, 2018 / Uncategorized What is the value of a family portrait? Priceless (in my opinion!)There are times when I feel like I have heard it all and then I'm brought back to reality when I get asked a question that just b... READ MORE Why we love Getting Ready Photos on your wedding day September 5, 2018 / royal palms In these photos, we are focusing on a bridal suite or where a bride is getting ready. We just love all that is happening during these moments - a little bit of chaos mixed with a ... READ MORE Loving what we do September 3, 2018 / General If you enjoy what you do - you don't work a day in your life. I don't know where this quote actually originated but I remember Keith saying it years ago and it always stuck with me.It took me ye... READ MORE Receiving more than you seek August 31, 2018 / destination "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks". John Muir (This month, we had the good fortune of photographing a multi day wedding near Bend, Oregon. In our downtime, we wanted to... READ MORE This is hands down one of my favorite personal photos August 30, 2018 / children I'm sure you will not be shocked when you hear that we take A LOT of photos of our kids. Well the truth is that Keith takes a lot of photos of our kids. But either way, we have sooooo many incred... READ MORE